Celebrating Management & Culture

An annual event that all students eagerly look forward to is PARADIGM, MPBIM’s Management Fest. The fest’s theme -The Key to an Open Mind reflects the fest’s aim of bringing out the best in student-executives and acts as a catalyst for them to discover new paradigms beyond conventional precinct. The fest receives an added dimension in the participation by various colleges at the events, which take place over two days CIVILTA, MPBIM’s culture rest, is integral to PARADIGM and is celebrated in parallel.

Walkathon :

Walkathon is a social event organised annually by MPBIM as part of PARADIGM. It is an event where students, corporate associates and individuals from across the city walk for a noble cause. The Walkathon is conducted to raise funds for charity. In previous years the event has been associated with NGOs such as:
  • Spastics Society of Karnataka
  • Freedom Foundation
  • Mathru Blind School
  • Gandhi Old Age Home
  • Balya
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Kodagu Opportunity School, Madikeri
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s School at Garwale Village near Madikeri, Kodagu Dist of Karnataka.


The theme for PARADIGM 2011 is- ‘MYSTICISM – Rediscover the real “YOU”

“As long as you have mysticism you have health; when you destroy mysticism you create morbidity.”