Papers presented at International/National Conferences by Students
    1. Lekha V (2017) with Dr. Hemanth Kumar presented a paper ‘Canteen Store Department in GST Era’ at the symposium on GST at MPBIM held on 16th June 2017.
    2. "Midlife Career Crisis in an IT Company - A Case Study" presented by Ms.  Mamatha C Pallagatte and Prof. Hema Harsha  in the conference named ICHTR organised by Student Research Forum of Manipal University November 2016
    3. Ms.  Pooja  Kulkarni  along  with  Dr.  Sumithra Sreenath (2015) presented a research paper paper on Insights to E Competency at a conference held at Jain University.
    4. Sri.Jaikrishna P S presented a paper on ‘Arbitrage Opportunities around  Key  Monetary  Rate  Announcements -An  event  studymethodology’ alongwith  Dr.  Deepak    at  ITBI  conference held  at Institute of management Technology, Nagpur on 21&22.11.14.
    5. A  Study  on  India  and  China  Relations  on  the  Context  of Technology -Paper   presented   by   Praveen   Kumar   P   at   IIM Bangalore 17th April 2014.
    6. Vishnu.  D,  Shruthi.P.S  and  Vasu were  awarded  second  place  at the  7th  International  Business Research Conference  on  Emerging Marketing Practices: Differentiation and Value creation, organized by Indian Education Society’s Management College and Research Centre (IESMCRC), Mumbai on February 21st and 22nd, 2014.
    7. Ms.  Riccha  Kapoor presented  a  paper  on ‘The  world  of  Flower Industry   A   Sector   untapped’ at   Association   of   Indian Management  Scholars(AIMS)  conducted  its  10th  International conference on Management at IIMB on 6 to 8th January 2013
    8. Sri. Sanketh Yadav presented a paper on ‘On-line retail shopping behavior in India - A boon or a curse? at AIMS conference held at IIMB in 2013
    9. Ms.  Ayisha  M  Binnal  presented  a  paper  titled ‘A  study  on  the efficiency  of  project  feasibility  in  the  Information  Technology Industry’ at AIMS conference held at IIMB in 2013